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BestPrice Gladiator GarageWorks GARF19XXVK Chillerator Garage Refrigerator 19 Cubic Feet

Gladiator GarageWorks GARF19XXVK Chillerator Garage Refrigerator 19 Cubic Feet

Product Description
The Chillerator Garage Refrigerator - A perfect second refrigerator built for the garage with traditional proportions providing the latest and greatest in innovation, space savings, and an upscale look that really stands out in the garage. It appeals to busy families who want more refrigerator space than freezer space, who need space for chilling surplus beverages like that extra gallon of milk that will eventually end up in the main refrigerator, who need extra refrigerator or freezer space around the holidays, and who want chilled beverages to be consumed outside without having to enter the house. Unlike your neighbor's garage refrigerator that they retired from their kitchen, the Energy Star qualified Chillerator® Garage Refrigerator is not only designed to handle the extreme temperature and humidity of the garage environment, it also saves you money by reducing energy

  • 2008 ENERGY STAR qualified
  • Adjustable spill guard glass shelves
  • Two clear crispers and four door bins
  • Frost free defrost
  • 19 cubic feet capacity

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LOVE this refrigerator
I bought this for my husband for Christmas. We always run out of refrigerator space especially during the summer when we entertain. The cheapest I found it was Sears, but tax and delivery was extra. I searched Amazon and found an on-line price $300 cheaper, then a Christmas special of an extra 20% off with no tax and free shipping! Not only that, it came a full week earlier that promised. Two nice guys brought it into the garage for me (I tipped them for the great service). The frig exceeded my expectations and you can move it as it's on rollers. Can't wait for summer!

Best Choice
I live in Georgia and in the summer, a normal fridge could not keep up with the increased ambient temp. I bought the above fridge and it is wonderful. It matches the garage as well. I highly recommend this fridge and Amazon had the best overall price with shipping.

Just the answer for a garage fridge
Since I was using a much older refrigerator in my garage, I didn't know there would be a problem putting a new one in the garage until after I went through all the trouble of buying a fridge, having it checked out becasuse it was cooling properly and then being told it wouldn't operate properly in temperatures below 55 degrees without modifying it. I returned that one!

The Chillerator is exactly what I was looking for. Its been a cold winter in the Northwest and it operates just as advertized; no problems when its in the 40s in the garage. Nice "garage" design too.

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